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Far from a Trend, Well-Being Is the Starting Point for Everything

April 13, 2019, @Vanessa Kabore, Master of Law, in NLP and Hypnosis

Author and narrator of the French book La réponse est dans le comportement: les 48 clés du bien-être le plus élevé. (2022). Canada: LEYA.

Many of us know that everything arises from our state of mind, yet how many of us take care of this part of ourselves? When those who think they are taking care of it are taking care of it, at what level of awareness are they doing so? When we see how well-being is perceived as a fashionable phenomenon or minimized in its scientific and technical preponderance, is the question not to be asked? When a young man takes refuge in alcohol to mourn the death of his mother and develops a disease and then dies, how do you think the still living husband and father goes on living? When a man feels genuine love for a woman and commits to a marriage and family only to find that he is the only one with feelings, how do you think this divorced man moves on with his life? When a mother denigrates the father of her children in the eyes and ears of all to the point of destroying his father-child bonds, how does this distressed father grieve and open himself up to another home? When a husband forbids his wife to go out without his consent and to have a professional activity, how does this "cloistered" woman blossom in life? When a wife refuses to allow her husband to go out with his friends and pursue his passions, again, how does this "castrated" husband thrive in life? When a woman is advised to change her behaviors in order to avoid violence, what is the "battered" woman told? When a loving man has difficulty satisfying his wife in intimacy, how do you think he feels? Yes, all the questions here are asked in a way that allows you to connect with your feelings and sensations. It is by letting yourself go to these parts of you that you will get to know yourself and much more. When one of your needs is lacking, forgotten, put aside or not met, how do you behave? Yes, whether we like it or not and whether we accept it or not, we are all emotional human beings.