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More Fulfillment in Couple, The Gap between Expectations

April 03, 2019, @Vanessa Kabore, Master of Law, in NLP and Hypnosis

Author and narrator of the French book La réponse est dans le comportement: les 48 clés du bien-être le plus élevé. (2022). Canada: LEYA.

One of the most important issues in couple or in relationships is communication. Sometimes it can be seen as absent because you are facing a gap. Then, with hindsight, we can go further and ask ourselves what this gap could mean. Yes, why choose to hide behind silences and unspoken words rather than choose to speak? Yes, the question, differently put, would be "what can make a person choose to keep quiet"? Yes, or more broadly, "What makes a person choose to lie rather than tell the truth? What makes a person choose to deceive rather than assume? Why say "I don't know why I do these things, it doesn't bring me anything "? In the statement question "I don't know why I do such things, it doesn't bring me anything", the answer is in the question. Yes, sometimes the answer is in the question. Yes, the answer is always in the behavior! Why is that? Because everything we do brings us something. Yes, we adopt each of our behaviors (thoughts, words, and actions) with a positive intention for ourselves. Whether it is conscious or not, it is this positive intention that drives each of our behaviors. This is the case of the person who chooses to keep quiet rather than speak. It is also the case of the one who chooses to give space to the unspoken rather than to speak. Yes, keeping quiet and giving space to the unsaid are communications in themselves. Yes, yes, and yes. May those who feel trapped, unloved, misunderstood, judged, and insulted find in themselves love, peace, serenity or even better.